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Women in Space, Tech & Beyond
Hosted By
Aditi Srivastava
Our mission is to illuminate new perspectives about the future of women in space and technology by telling stories that inspire you.

Aditi Srivastava, Host



Aditi Srivastava

Aditi is a high school junior with a passion for science and technology. As the host of Intergalactic, Aditi engages guests from the perspective of a rising woman getting ready to head to college and experience the world for herself. She aims to represent the audience of Intergalactic, who may also be looking for their place in space.


Production Support

Aileen Owens​

As an experienced STEM educator, Aileen is focused on helping young woman discover the possibilities that await them in STEM. Aileen supports the production of each episode through mentoring, editorial support, and content review.


Daniel Gillies

After over a decade working within aerospace, Daniel provides editing and publishing support for Intergalactic. Daniel believes podcasts like Intergalactic help expose the next generation of explorers and innovators to stories of women who have been pathfinders in space and technology, showing exactly what is possible and how they made it happen.


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